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Even though the Oregon Sunstone market grows greater every day, I have decided it is time for me to devote more of my time to the other things that I have going on in my life (in other words I'm getting old(er) and I am tired of mining). So, to someone’s great advantage out there, I have decided to sell my mining operation, lock stock and barrel. Here it is:

Oregon sunstone mining operation for sale:

106 acres of private land, adjoining sunstone mining claims, may contain sunstone also, but never explored. Land is currently undeveloped but permanent structures, wells and septic may be developed.

11 claims near each other and mill site. All proven or in an area known to produce significant amounts of sunstones.

Processing plant, including shaker screen, trammel etc. Processing plant is fully operational and MSHA approved. 65kw diesel generator to power plant & camp.

Backhoe, CASE 580C, runs great, new electrical items and starter just installed.

Dump Truck, well used and a bit quirky but it works.

Office Trailer, small camper trailer for storing tools and spare parts, office books, MSHA paperwork etc.

Firefighting Trailer, 300-gallon tank, pump and hose.

Water Storage Tank.

Sorting table.

If Purchased at asking price I will spend time helping you get situated, meet the other miners in the area and “show you the ropes” when it comes to mining Oregon Sunstone.


Serious inquiries only please. email me if interested...


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